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10 minutes with... Courtney Montgomery

10 minutes with... Courtney Montgomery

Courtney is a Technical Services Analyst with Novosco, she is an avid follower of her own step count on her FitBit, a coffee-addict, and spends as much time as possible exploring music on Spotify.

Question: Courtney, what’s your role in Novosco?

Courtney: My role here is as a Technical Services Analyst, I’m the first contact for customers who contact Novosco when they have any issues or queries. I aim to assist the customer by either working to resolve the issue or escalating it to one of our engineers.

Q: What’s been your career path so far?

Courtney: I graduated in Computing and Information Technology from Queen's University Belfast in 2018 and I worked part time in a cafe, but I really wanted to find the job role and company which would help me excel and give me opportunities to push myself further into the IT sector.

Q: What advice would you give to young women trying to break into the IT sector?

Courtney: I was one of only three girls in my school IT class, that made me want to push myself - to prove that as a young female I could do anything that the males could do in this industry. Force yourself out of your comfort zone and don't be afraid to pursue a career path that you love and enjoy just because you feel outnumbered!

Q: How important do you think it is to network and keep up with industry trends?

Courtney: Very! LinkedIn is a great social network to build connections and learn what is happening in the world of technology. It's important to connect with other people in this sector and learn what opportunities there are that might be of interest you

Q: What skills are important for your role?

Courtney: Communication and patience! One of the most important things is ensuring that whoever sets the phone down is pleased with the customer service they have experienced. Having a clear head and looking at problems logically to try to find underlying issues is also important!

Q: What does an average day for Courtney look like?

Courtney: I normally start my mornings early, I also enjoy routine so this role suits me perfectly! I update tickets, take calls from customers and resolve any possible issues. I escalate tickets to the appropriate engineer who has the relevant skillset, I also chase tickets that are awaiting updates. I always try and end my day with the gym which I find is a good way to unwind and get my steps in!

Q: What has been your biggest success or biggest learning opportunity?

Courtney: Graduating university has been my biggest success so far, I learned so much, from technical skills to communication skills, as well as gaining the ability to adapt to new environments and develop professional relationships.

Q: What challenges and opportunities do you foresee in the IT sector for the future?

Courtney: Technology is always evolving and I think ensuring that we stay up-to-date and connected to new technologies may be a challenge to stay in a competitive market. I also think Brexit will be a big change for the sector, with more companies investing in cloud facilities.

Q: What attracted you to Novosco?

Courtney: I saw so many articles about Novosco winning "IT Company or Team of the Year" at the Belfast Telegraph Awards, as well as being named "NI's Outstanding Company of the Year". I was very interested to see what the company was like and my interview confirmed that Novosco was the place that I wanted to kickstart my IT career! The opportunity at Novosco to develop my skillset was one I couldn't pass up.

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