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10 minutes with... Andrea Stewart

10 minutes with... Andrea Stewart

Andrea has been working in service delivery for longer than she would care to remember, it fits both her professional desires and her personality needs, as providing a supportive and nurturing environment is key! When not immersed in work, getting some time on the beach, in what will hopefully be 'the retirement plan' place in the sun, is the priority - after all, practive makes perfect!

Question: Andrea, what’s been your career path so far?

Andrea: Now, I’m the Senior Service Delivery Manager with Novosco, but my working career began within the technical side of IT as a developer in the finance industry. I gradually worked my way through several team leader and team management roles until I eventually moved away from managing technical teams to managing services and being client facing.

Q: How intertwined is your team with the rest of the business? How essential is collaboration?

Andrea: I’m responsible for the successful delivery of the services to our clients, collaboration is essential in succeeding in this. However, often you have no direct control or responsibility for the various teams of technical experts on which you rely for the services to run smoothly. It's only by collaboration and great working relationships that you can manage that.

Q: What challenges and opportunities do you foresee in the years ahead?

Andrea: It's an exciting time here at Novosco - we are growing at a phenomenal rate and have won some major managed service contracts in the last 6 months. This means that the managed services team is also growing. My responsibilities as Senior Service Delivery Manager mean that I have responsibility to my own customer, but also responsibility for an increasing team of Service Delivery Managers. Our aim is to continue to build out the team, ensuring that all of our SDMs see the benefit in Novosco's culture and values, and that we continue to provide the managed service clients with that very same service that they have all come to expect. It's our culture and values that we all worked to deliver that have differentiated us in the marketplace and the reason why we enjoy such positive relationships with our clients.

Q: Any predictions about the sector for 2019?

Andrea: The managed service sector is like many others at the moment, customers are looking at their IT budgets and trying to determine how best to spend that budget. This provides us with opportunities as it can often be more cost effective for an organisation to engage a managed service provider, such as Novosco, to manage their IT systems. This effectively allows them to control IT spend, whilst leveraging an experienced, and certified, resource pool; reduce risk, and improve on compliance, governance, and security, ultimately allowing the clients’ staff to stay focused on their core business.

Q; What makes a successful day’s work?

Andrea: Honestly - my days are so diverse that it could be any number of things. Generally though - if I get to the end of the day and have a happy customer and a happy team of Service Delivery Managers, then that's enough for me.  

Q: Have you expanded your accreditations/certificates whilst at Novosco? How useful is Novosco’s encouragement in this?

Andrea: Training and Certifications, and continual personal development is something that is very encouraged within Novosco. Not being in a Technical role myself, training is more focused on the softer skills. That being said, there is plenty of opportunity and we are actively encouraged to make sure we enhance our skills in these areas. Last year was no exception and I took part in the Athena Womens’ Leadership Programme, this type of programme is always worthwhile - as well as expanding your own skills you get the chance to network with other people.

Q: What specifically about Novosco would you recommend to someone considering joining the company?

Andrea: Honestly - it's hard to pick out one thing. For me - the main reason that I wanted to join Novosco was the culture and values. Some people might think that culture and values is just 'blurb on a website to entice you in', but at Novosco they're not - we really do live them. It was important to me that I go to work every day knowing that I'm working with a fantastic bunch of people and that the Directors really do value my input. My ideas are listened to and acted upon, I have the autonomy to do my job as everyone believes in me and my abilities. That in turn gives me the added confidence and the desire to do the best I can for Novosco and my customers.

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